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Center for Liberal Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Toyama Prefectural University
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A wide variety of faculty members are employed at the Center for Liberal Arts and Sciences. All 31 members – 10 in General Subjects, 16 in Basic Subjects, and 5 in Foreign Language Subjects – work together to provide a liberal arts education to the undergraduate students. Some faculty members teach graduate courses which are related to their expertise, and also supervise graduation and Masters’ theses. Faculty members also conduct research activities in their own respective fields of expertise. For more information on our research, please see Monthly Column, Recent Research Results, and Research Gathering (these pages are in Japanese only).

General Subjects


  • Theoretical Economics, Macroeconomics,
    Economic Theoretical History

    HIRANO, Yoshitaka

    Research Guidebook

  • Labor Law, Social Security Act, Legal Education,
    Regional Contents Studies, Spanish Regional Studies

    OISHI, Gen

    Research Guidebook

  • Philosophy of Science, Science and Technology Studies

    ISHIDA, Tomoko

    Research Guidebook


  • Japanese Early Modern Literature, Vernacular Chinese Literature

    KAWAKAMI, Yosuke

    Research Guidebook

  • Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology

    TAKEZAWA, Midori

    Research Guidebook

  • Folk-narrative studies in German-speaking areas,
    German Folkloristics,
    Comparative Cultural Studies, Well-being Study,
    Cultural Heritage, Tourism


    Research Guidebook


Basic Subjects


  • Theoretical Physics (Field Theory, Mathematical Physics),
    Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Mathematical Structures of Nonlinear Science)

    TODA, Kouichi

    Research Guidebook

  • Theoretical Particle Physics

    SUGIYAMA, Hiroaki

    Research Guidebook

  • Theoretical Particle Physics

    ISHIDA, Hiroyuki

    Research Guidebook




Information Science

  • Geometric Modeling, Urban and Transportation Design

    KOBAYASHI, Kazuya

    Research Guidebook

Foreign Language Subjects


  • Phonetics, English Linguistics, English Education

    YAMAZAKI, Daisuke

    Research Guidebook

  • English Education, Educational Technology

    SHIMIZU, Yoshihiko

    Research Guidebook

  • Linguistics, Foreign Language Education

    MOKHTARI, Akiko

    Research Guidebook

  • Linguistics, Foreign Language Education

    USUI, Elizabeth

  • Linguistics, TESOL, English Education

    LI, Olga

Successive Directors of The Center for Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • 2024.4 –Yoshitaka Hirano
  • 2020.4 – 2024.3Tadashi Fukuhara
  • 2019.4 – 2020.3Yuji Ishimori

Successive Chief Professors of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • 2014.4 – 2019.3
    Yuji Ishimori
  • 2012.4 – 2014.3
    Yoshihide Nakagawa
  • 2010.4 – 2012.3
    Shizuko Haraguchi
  • 2008.4 – 2010.3
    Yukio Sato
  • 2006.4 – 2008.3
    Kuniko Kakita
  • 2004.4 - 2006.3
    Kunihiko Maezawa
  • 2002.4 - 2004.3
    Kuniko Kakita
  • 2001.4 - 2002.3
    Tetsuyu Nakaba
  • 2000.4 - 2001.3
    Kunihiko Maezawa ※Replaced after one year due to arrival of Dean of Students
  • 1999.4 - 2000.3
    Tatsuo Noda
  • 1998.4 - 1999.3
    Minoru Okuda ※Replaced after one year due to arrival of Dean of Students
  • 1996.4 - 1998.3
    Kunihiko Maezawa
  • 1994.4 - 1996.3
    Keishiro Maeda
  • 1990.4 - 1994.3
    Tomoyoshi Toita
  • The fifth president:Kunihiko Maezawa(2011.4 – 2013.3)